Brandi Glanville's Latest Tweet Demonstrates Exactly Why She Doesn't Have a Man

brandi glanvilleI'm starting to get the feeling that there's a reason Brandi Glanville isn't in a serious relationship. She's in love with Twitter, and she compares every man she meets to it. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was rumored to be dating ex-flame Jonathan Ruiz, but that relationship seems to have gone to crap, because a little over a week ago, she tweeted: "Ex-boyfriends are ex for a reason #dontgoback." And now she just wrote: "I'm done with ALL men #lesbianpillplease."

Question: Would you want to be involved with someone who aired every single relationship grievance to their thousands of Twitter followers? You would? Oh, then let me introduce you to Brandi!


First of all, Brandi ought to cool it with the "I'm swearing off men forever" schtick, because A) she's obviously not, and B) that, quite frankly, is getting old. But moreover, Brandi needs to stop tweeting about her relationship issues all the time. Say she and some dude she was dating just got into a fight. And then she fired off this "I'm done with ALL men" tweet. If you were that guy, would you appreciate that? Who wants to read vague, passive-aggressive comments online about themselves all the time?

Brandi, I don't mean to overstep any boundaries here, but I'd like to make a suggestion. Stop tweeting about your love life for god's sake. Clearly, it's not doing you any good. You're a funny and intelligent enough person to be able to tweet about things other than dudes. Like your hair. Have you ever considered a tweet about your hair? Food for thought.

What do you think of Brandi's constant tweets about her relationships?


Image via Bravo

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