'Mad Men' Actress Plays 'Child Star Psychologist' & the Result Is Hilarious (VIDEO)

kiernan shipka child star psychologistMad Men star Kiernan Shipka had a breakout year as Sally Draper on the sixth season of the series, turning into a full-blown teen, catching dad Don in a compromising position, and going away to boarding school. Her dramatic performance was worthy of a standing ovation to say the least. And if that wasn't enough, turns out she's a legitimate comedian, too!

In the sequel to her first Funny or Die sketch, Kiernan stars as a "Child Star Psychologist," counseling the likes of Looper's Pierce Gagnon, Modern Family's Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, and Moonrise Kingdom's Jared Gilman on their very specific, kiiinda hilarious Hollywood kid issues. Check it out ...


HA, love it. Now I'm totally convinced that Kiernan injects a bit of her own personality into her portrayal of Sally Draper, because she is clearly the master of that dry, wry, slightly-cynical humor. And man, she's only 13! Also, how funny are Pierce, Aubrey, and Jared? 

The sad thing is this cracks us up because it's so true that child stars can end up with some serious issues! I mean, I don't know about these three, but all you have to do is watch the VMAs or look at any tabloid stand to see former adorable kid stars -- Miley, LiLo, the Biebs -- gone wild! Though she can't quit her day job as Sally Draper, Hollywood really could use Kiernan!

How funny is this?!


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