Kate Middleton Finally Hires a Nanny & She's Perfect!

kate middletonIf you're a royalphile like me, you may remember how a few weeks back it was reported that Kate Middleton and Prince William were trying to enlist Will's old nanny from when he was a lad to watch over Prince George. The woman, Jessie Webb, was supposedly hemming and hawing over whether she wanted to take the position, because she had apparently been out of the nannying game for a while. But now she's made her decision: A resounding yes. Okay, I don't know if it was "resounding", but Ms. Webb is officially the little prince's nanny!


It's been reported that, in addition to Kate's parents, Webb has been helping the royal couple out while they've been home in North Wales, and she's going to be accompanying them to Scotland when they visit Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. According to a source: "She'll be like a safe pair of hands. She knows the ropes and knows what happens. That's preferred rather than someone new to it all, someone who'd be terrified of it all."

Will and Kate must be thrilled to pieces that 71-year-old Webb agreed to take on the job. Finding someone to care for your baby is one the most stressful things new parents have to deal with. It must be a huge weight off their shoulders, knowing that their son will be with someone they know very well and trust when they aren't able to tend to him. (And when mom Carole isn't available.)

I had a feeling Ms. Webb would wind up taking the job, because, seriously, who can turn down Will ,Kate, and Baby Cambridge? I'd pay to hang out with them. Just kidding. Kind of.

Did you have a hard time finding childcare after having a baby?


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