Desiree Hartsock & Chris Siegfried's Poetry Book Plans Show How Delusional They Really Are

Desiree Hartsock Chris SiegfriedWhen I first went over to check out the website where Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried are selling their new poetry book, Diamonds + Hearts -- I thought maybe I'd clicked on the wrong link, because the way they are pimping out the book is so lame, it has to be some kind of joke.

You guys? Apparently they're anticipating people being so jazzed about reading their poetry that they're selling the books in bulk -- and the more you buy, the closer you get to being BFFs with Chris and Des. (Or something like that.)


Sure, you can get one book if that's all your little heart desires. But if you buy 15 copies -- guess what? BOTH Des and Chris will follow you on Twitter, (squee!) and they'll send you a signed copy.

But wait -- it gets better.

Purchasing 50 books will get you a 10 minute phone call from everyone's favorite (not really) Bachelorette couple.

And for picking up 100 copies, they'll do a Skype chat with you for 30 minutes -- so you can actually speak to them face-to-face!

As you probably guessed, yes -- there's more.

Are you ready for this one? If you buy 2500 copies of Diamonds + Hearts -- you'll have the pleasure of enjoying dinner with Des and Chris, and they'll evey pay for your airfare and a hotel room in downtown Seattle. (Get. Outta. Town.)

Before I go any further, allow me to break down the costs of each package for you. One copy of Diamonds + Hearts sells for $12.95.

15 copies -- $194.25

50 copies -- $647.50

100 copies -- $1,295

2,500 copies -- $32,375

Seriously? They honestly believe they're so in demand that some obsessed fan will shell out over $30,000 not only to meet them -- but to stockpile 2,500 copies of a freakin' poetry book? (What a scary thought.)

Am I the only one who thinks this is about the lamest move anyone has ever made in an effort to drum up book sales? Who do they think they are, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?!?

I'm sorry, I know they want their book to be a success and all and I can't fault them for that -- but the way they're going about it really makes them look like a couple of fame whores. (Yes, it does.)

And it also makes us wonder if they're both a bit delusional in thinking they're SO famous that people will pay thousands of dollars simply to have the chance to talk to them.

I love reality TV peeps just as much as the next person, but I sure as hell wouldn't fork over my hard earned cash to get a piece of them. Of course, if I had an extra $32k lying around, I probably wouldn't need to work -- so I'd have more time to hang around with reality TV stars. (Whatever.)

OMG. Again -- this HAS to be a joke.

And if it's not? Oh man, am I embarrassed for these two. (Sad face.)

Would you pay all that money to meet Des and Chris -- and what the heck would you do with all those books?


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