Kim Kardashian’s ‘Yummy’ Tweet Might Mean She’s Got a Future as a Domestic Diva

kim kardashian Kim Kardashian is a woman of many skills. I'm not being a wise-ass! She's got to be gifted to have created a multifaceted career out of nothing, right? The lady is an entertainment industry maven. She's got her fingers in so many pies, it's a wonder she has not yet advocated a pie-only diet.

She's got a lot on her (pie) plate. A new baby, her TV show, her line of products -- what else could she add to the mix? Well if Kim's latest tweet is any indication, she's already got the next phase of her career all sussed out.


Kim's going to be the next Martha Stewart! Okay, okay, I'm putting words in her mouth. Still, she's been all up in social media's business proclaiming her culinary prowess, so I wouldn't be surprised if it came to be. Lucky Kanye West gets to sample whatever recipes Kim practices. He seems to be okay with her abilities:

kim kardashian twitter


I wonder if she's a decent cook or if 'Ye's just being, you know, a smart boyfriend and singing Kim's praises while hiding the latest dinner under a layer of paper towels in the garbage. While it's fun to think of Kim becoming totally domestic, I think it's safe to say she's planning her next career move. Before you know it, Kim will be the next Martha for real. Only, you know, with a sex tape.

Would you take a cooking class from Kim?


Image via Instagram

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