Kim Kardashian Shows Her Blond Locks in a New Light in Video

kim kardashian keekYou know what? I wasn't crazy about Kim Kardashian's blond dye job at first. But I think it's growing on me. You can see it in this cute Keek video of the Kardashian Kids singing together in the Kar. Scott holds the camera while everyone bobs their heads and croons along with Drake to "Hold on We're Going Home." Aww, think they sang that while they were all on their way home from something?

Kim is busy taking selfies, as usual. But hey, you can sing and take selfies at the same time as long as you're not the driver, right? Now about that hair ...


Maybe the reason why it seems to work better now is because we see it in kontext with Khloe's hair. Khloe has had lighter locks forever, and she looks great. So then when you move on back to Kim, it's not such a shock. It could also be Kim's white blouse. I think her new blond hair is going to work better with some colors than with others. And that's the fun part of dyeing your hair a new shade -- it could change what color clothes you wear.

Then, of course, we pan over to Kourtney and are reminded of how lovely the Karadshians look with their natural dark hair, but oh well. Can't blame the girls for wanting to play with their hair color.

But why are we talking about hair color? Did you notice how cool and collected Khloe seems? You'd never know her husband was at the center of a scandal involving drugs, infidelity, drugs, cheating, drugs, and more drugs. She seems to be holding up well. I'm sure it helps to have her family with her, giving her support.

U a good girl and u know it

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Are you getting used to Kim's blond hair?


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