6 New Tear-Jerking 'Glee' Spoilers From the Cory Monteith Tribute Episode Emerge

lea michele shooting glee in central park september 2013Realizing that the Glee season 5 premiere is almost upon us is elating, but knowing that also means we're thisclose to finally seeing the Cory Monteith tribute episode is heartrending. I don't know about you, but I'm getting sad just thinking about how sad I'm going to be watching it. Still, from everything we've heard, we can safely conclude that Ryan Murphy, Lea Michele & Co. have created something that will warm our broken hearts.

In fact, even more details about what we can expect are emerging now. Here, 6 new tribute episode spoilers ...

  1. Rachel may take a sad walk down memory lane. Lea Michele was spied filming new scenes that may be part of the tribute episode (or may not, depending on how things happen chronologically and what Rachel's role is in the tribute). She was seen walking over the same Central Park bridge where she and Finn walked, past Sardi’s restaurant, and fans on set reported that Rachel was singing a sad song as she passed by. Sounds like the scene "recreates" the memorable date Finchel shared in NYC when the New Directions were in town for Nationals at the end of season 2.
  2. Principal Sue may rally everyone together to grieve. “Shooting that episode did bring us as a cast and crew closer together and allowed us to grieve him together,” Jane Lynch recently said. “We had to stop, breathe, cry, and collapse a lot." 
  3. There will be one standout scene. Kevin McHale recently spoke about the episode, sharing, "There are so many incredibly well written and powerful scenes. When [the cast] got the script, we were all reading it together and we were like, ‘Did you get to that one scene.’ And when you see it everyone will know what that one scene is.”
  4. Characters' reactions will be both varied and possibly even shocking ... Kevin noted that some castmembers “are having to play reactions that they obviously would not feel in real-life, and that’s a weird thing to play. Because you want people to know how you actually feel. But [Ryan Murphy & Co. are staying true to] the characters, and that’s the smart thing to do.”
  5. ... For instance, some characters will find themselves in a state of denial about his death. “Some people aren’t dealing with the loss of Finn, and it’s a difficult thing because in real life none of us were like that. We were all very much dealing with it," Kevin reveals. Sad ...
  6. We can expect to see many familiar faces, but not all characters will be back. Original Glee cast members Amber Riley, Mark Salling and Jayma Mays are all reportedly returning for the tribute episode. Harry Schum Jr., Dot-Marie Jones, Mike O'Malley, and Romy Rosemont, too. However, Dianna Agron and Heather Morris are not scheduled to appear.

What spoilers are you most surprised by?


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