John Stamos Gets Celebrities to Reveal How They Lost Their Virginity (VIDEO)

Ahh, losing your virginity. Who doesn't remember it? Unless you were cock-eyed drunk (a sensitive topic these days!), chances are you have a virtually real-time recall on your first time having sex. And somehow John Stamos is getting celebs to open up about turning in their V card. He interviewed stars like Olivia Munn, South Park creator Matt Stone, blogger Perez Hilton, and more, for the new Yahoo! web series Losing It With John Stamos. I have a feeling that whoever lost it with John had a better time than the rest of us! Haha.


John actually had this idea years ago and a very short-lived MTV series based on it, but he couldn't get guests to agree to talk. "This was when celebrities took themselves way too seriously," he told Entertainment Weekly.

But now with celebrities actually clamoring to get on reality shows and web series, John had a somewhat easier time getting guests to spill the details of what is often their most painfully embarrassing encounter.

John told Olivia Munn he lost his virginity "later than most guys" -- at 17. That's later?! Wow, parents, I guess you're in big-time denial if you think your teen isn't already doing the dirty.

In fact, John came up with the idea when he unexpectedly ran into the girl he'd lost it with when the sister of a friend of his showed up at his house years later. He said:

The bass player of my band when I was in high school came over and brought her sister. I was like, "Hi, hi ... wait a minute, I know you."

Hmm. Awkward. John says the girl will be on a future show, which has yet to be filmed, but admits: "Apparently, she has a completely different story than I do."

To be honest, I know few people who had a decent first time -- let alone earth-shattering. I won't get into the details about mine, but I consider myself lucky in that respect. Let's face it, no one really knows what they're doing, expectations are ridiculously high, and there's usually way too much booze involved.

Olivia Munn, for instance, regales John with the time she was 18 and decided to have sex on her birthday with her long-time boyfriend. After they'd done the deed, Olivia asked that question every man dreads hearing: "Is that it?" LOL!

Check it out:

How did you lose your V card?


Image via LiveLeak/YouTube

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