Prince William Wants to Make the World a Better Place for Prince George's Sake

Prince Willam & babyAs cliché as it sounds, everything in life really does change once you become a parent -- even if you're royalty. And that's why it shouldn't come as a surprise that in the upcoming CNN special, Prince William's Passion: New Hope, New Father -- the Duke of Cambridge admits he wants to "safeguard the future" for Prince George, and plans on continuing his charity work in Africa in the hopes of doing so.

He was always committed to the conservation work he's done over there, but having a baby really made him realize just how important it is and how much he believes in it.

And I think every mom and dad out there will nod their head in agreement. Each and every single one of us worries about our children's futures and wonder what kind of world they will grow up in.


And as Prince William will find out soon enough, the concern over Prince George's well being and safety as he gets older and ventures out into the world will only continue to grow.

Remember how nervous you were the first time you left your baby with a sitter (other than a family member?). For many parents, that's the first time their child is really out of their control, which can be a very unsettling and scary feeling. And as kids get older and go off to school, extracurricular activities, and college and beyond -- we still worry about them. It's only natural that Prince William is thinking about Prince George's future even though he's only a few weeks old.

It's actually pretty touching that his new son is inspiring him to keep trying help those in other parts of the world. It makes sense that he would want to use his position of power to ensure that when Prince George is an adult and has his own children, he'll be living in a world that's better off (hopefully) than the one he was born into.

Geez. Kate Middleton sure is one lucky lady. Not only did she marry a prince -- it turns out he truly is Prince Charming in every sense of the word. There's really no greater quality a husband can have than being an amazing father to his children, and it's obvious that Prince William has already demonstrated that in the short time he's been a dad. (And you know he'll only get even better from here.)

Do you worry about your baby's future as much as the present day?


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