Brooks Forester's New 'Lady' Friend Makes Him Look Even More Lonely & Bitter

Brooks ForesterDepending on my mood on any given day of the week, I go back and forth with whether I think Brooks Forester is a stand-up dude for dumping Desiree Hartsock instead of leading her on -- or he's just really sad and pathetic and has all sorts of commitment issues.

And unfortunately, after seeing this photo montage of Brooks backpacking in the mountains with someone he described as his "little lady," I'm really starting to think he's going to wind up being the male version of the old woman who lives alone with her cats.

The "lady" in question is none other than Brooks' dog. Right after announcing her as his hiking "date," he made a weird comment about cheating that also referenced the dog that will really make you scratch your head.


I feel like you'll get the gist of this tweet better by actually seeing it, so here it is:


Um, excuse me? I guess I've never really paid much attention to a dog's demeanor when he/she is dropping a deuce -- but thanks for the visual, Brooks.

How did he go from saying he was taking a hike to talking about cheating and poop right afterward? And what's he referring to with the #Shame bit? Is he pissed that someone cheated on him (like Des technically did), or is he feeling shameful for putting so much thought into the similarities between a dog pooping and someone being unfaithful?

Something seems fishy here -- and it's pretty obvious that Brooks is bitter about some aspect of his life in addition to being lonely. I mean, the dude is chilling in the woods with a canine friend, for crying out loud. Did I mention he's a former reality TV star? He shouldn't have any problems scoring a date -- so what gives?

I'm no expert, but it seems to me that Brooks has some sort of definite internal conflict going on right now that he needs to resolve as soon as possible. I mean, he really is a pretty great catch (at least on the outside). It would be such a shame for him to wind up growing old by himself while living in a cave with a pack of coyotes or something.

Get it together already Brooks -- before it's too late!

Do you think Brooks is going through a tough time right now?


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