Tiger Woods' Girlfriend May Have Cheated on Him -- Can You Say Karma?

lindsey/tigerThanks to his headline grabbing sex scandal a few years ago, we know that golf isn't the only area where Tiger Woods excels above every other human being. The guy juggled at least 12 mistresses while married. Well, looks like the once sex-crazed sports star is getting a taste of his own medicine. According to recent reports, his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn is cheating on him.


Supposedly the Olympic skier was caught in a lip lock with another guy a few weeks ago, according to The National Enquirer. I know, I know. I've considered the source. There is a chance that it could be false. But what if it's true? What if Lindsey is breaking Tiger Woods' heart much like he did his ex-wife's?

The tabloid alleges that Lindsey got hot and heavy with a mystery man on August 16 while hanging out backstage at a Justin Timberlake and Jay Z concert. The guy, described as hunky and older, was part of Timberlake's SexyBack tour.

After the concert, Lindsey and a group of girlfriends headed backstage where she spotted him. They had obviously met before because a witness says she ran into his arms and started making out in front of everyone for several minutes. Not only that, his hand was reportedly squeezing her rear end. She later tweeted, "Wow that was amazing! Best concert I've ever been to!" No kidding.

Poor Tiger. It seemed as though he and Lindsey were pretty serious. But I doubt he'll get much sympathy from anyone else. You know what they say, what goes around comes around. 


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