Jessica Biel's Officially Mrs. Timberlake Almost One Year After Tying the Knot

jessica biel justin timberlakeJessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have been married for almost a year -- can you believe it?! -- but the happy newlyweds only just made one thing official: her name change! That's right! A source tells Life & Style: "It's all official! The paperwork is done, and she's now legally Jessica Timberlake." Much like many stars who've chosen to keep their maiden names professionally, Jessica will reportedly remain Biel when it comes to her career.

'Course this seems like cause to celebrate, but ehh, I'm not so sure ... Having just gotten married myself in May, I'm still feeling pretty torn about the tradition.


Before we got married, I was convinced I'd do the same as Jessica Biel -- take my husband's name legally and keep my maiden name professionally. I had never imagined being a published writer with another last name ... The one thing I'm sure of is keeping my maiden name professionally. But now I'm wondering if I want to make the legal switch, too. Why is it necessary at all? I know plenty of women of all ages who've kept their maiden name despite being married for 10 to 30+ years! But maybe it would be nice to be an official Mrs. once we have kids ... so I can be clearly identified as their mom, as they'll definitely have my husband's last name. So many questions!

Feeling as confused as I have, I even went so far as to recently crowd-source my married friends on Facebook, asking how they reached the conclusion that they'd change, not change, or hyphenate their last names. Responses ran the gamut from wanting to do it to carry on a tradition to opting against it because it was heartbreaking to think of abandoning the maiden name that encompasses their identity. Basically, everything I read I agreed/identified with in one way or the other, and was thus left feeling even more clueless.

The good news is that I don't have to make a decision right now. There's no deadline on this, and cheers to that, because it's way too weighty a decision to feel pressured to make up your mind in a time crunch. While I'm still not sure if the way she's handling her married name would work for me personally, I do appreciate how Jessica's nearly-one-year-later name change goes to show the world that you don't have to do it right after tying the knot. Or who knows ... maybe never at all.

What do you think about Jessica's name change? How did you decide whether or not to change your name?


Image via MaHahui/Splash News

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