Jake Pavelka’s Mind-Blowing Confession About Gia Allemand Has Us Calling His Bluff (VIDEO)

I can't be the only person who was confused by the fact that Jake Pavelka appeared on Dr. Phil to talk about Gia Allemand's tragic suicide. Sure, we all know they were on The Bachelor together and he's the closest "celebrity" we can relate her to, but something about it just doesn't add up.

Don't get me wrong, I totally understand the man's need to grieve, but some of the comments he made about Gia just seem a little too convenient.

Like when he claimed he fell in love with her while filming The Bachelor. And how he never fell out.

I'm sorry, WHAT? There's no way he's saying that for the right reasons.


If you follow the show like I do, you know that Jake was originally one of the most beloved Bachelors of all time ... until he showed his true colors in an interview with his ex-fiance. Then the world kind of turned their backs on the blue-eyed country boy and he's been trying to repair his image ever since.

For that reason, I just can't buy the fact that he's still in love with Gia. For starters, he didn't even end up with her on the show. He picked two girls over her. But suddenly, now that she's gone, everything changes?

I think there's a good chance he's using this horrible tragedy to benefit his reputation. Maybe we'd feel sorry for him and start to like him again. I really, really hope that's not what he's trying to do here. But it sure as hell seems like it.

Take a look:

Do you think Jake is using Gia's tragedy "for the wrong reasons"?

Image via ABC

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