Taylor Swift Cozies Up to Hunky Young Actor Who Already Has Our Pity

Taylor SwiftRunnnnnnn dude, R-U-N! That's what most people are probably shouting at Taylor Swift's rumored new guy pal, Brenton Thwaites.


Don't worry, that was my reaction too when I first heard his name. Here's what we know about Brenton so far.

He's an Australian actor who met Taylor at the Toronto Film Festival where he was in attendance promote his new movie, Oculus. He's 24. He's pretty hunky. And supposedly he and Taylor talked for an hour and "made each other laugh." Eyewitnesses report he "had his arm around her back" and that "she touched his leg a few times." (Gasp! Scandalous, I tell you.)

And oh yeah, "they seemed pretty into each other."


Here's a photo of the poor dude, who obviously has no idea what in the hell he's getting himself into by getting chummy with Taylor.

 Brenton Thwaites

He's pretty cute, isn't he? Yeah, well he also must be pretty naive, or he has no clue who, exactly, Taylor Swift is or what her reputation with guys has been thus far. If he did -- why in the heck would he go ahead and put himself in a position to inevitably wind up on her shit list?

Unless he's ready to get down on one knee and propose to her immediately, then Brenton had better prepare himself to be sucked in, spit out like trash, torn to shreds in a catchy new song, and of course, not-so-subtly insulted in front of the masses at whatever awards show Taylor happens to appear on after the breakup. (Don't even get me started on how she horrible she's been to Harry Styles. My head will explode if I talk about it any further.)

Ugh. I already feel awful for this guy and he and Swifty may not even be a thing. But if they do wind up dating? Let's hope he has a really thick skin -- and let's hope he doesn't have a huge interest in American music. What he doesn't hear won't hurt him, right?

Do you think Brenton should give Taylor a chance?


Images via Splash/Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

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