'Glee' Season 5 Spoilers Reveal an Engagement We're FREAKING Out Over! (VIDEO)

glee classroomMajor confession: I've been so wrapped up in all the hype behind the Cory Monteith tribute episode of Glee that I haven't exactly been following the rest of the character storylines. However, there's major news leaking about what fans of the hit FOX show can expect in the first two episodes of season 5, which we already know is a two-part Beatles tribute. Major news, as in two major characters may be getting engaged!

I know I know, hold your freak-out. Read on to find out who's getting engaged, if Rachel Berry lands the part in Funny Girl, and everything else we know about season 5 so far!

Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS ahead!!


1. Kurt. Blaine. Engaged: We already heard that Blaine would be proposing to Kurt at the beginning of season 5 and that the duo would sing the Beatles' classic "All You Need Is Love." However, there are new photos showing Chris Colfer wearing an engagement ring that have us CONVINCED he says yes! Three cheers for Klaine!

2. Rachel Berry's a Broadway star: OK, so we don't know 100 percent if Rachel gets the role in Funny Girl or not. However, there are loads of photos of Lea Michele filming Glee here in New York City standing in front of the Broadway show poster. Not to mention, the show's creator Ryan Murphy told The Hollywood Reporter that a big chunk of season 5 follows Rachel and "one particular story." Sounds like a role in a major Broadway show could fit that bill.

3. A track list! Well, what we think is the track list. According to Wetpaint, this is what fans can expect to hear while watching the Beatles tribute:

"Drive My Car" performed by Artie and Kitty
"You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" performed by Artie and Kitty
"A Hard Day's Night" performed by Rachel and Santana
"I Saw Her Standing There" performed by Sam, Ryder, Blaine, and Jake
"All You Need Is Love" performed by Blaine
"Help" performed by Blaine and Sam
"Got to Get You Into My Life" performed by Blaine and Kurt
"Yesterday" performed by Rachel

Check out the latest Glee season 5 promo, here:

Are you looking forward to season 5 of Glee?


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