Liam Hemsworth Could Be Coping With Miley Cyrus' Naked Antics in a Shocking Way

miley cyrus liam hemsworthJust when we finally stopped reeling from her VMAs performance, Miley Cyrus went and released her super-naked "Wrecking Ball" music video, and now we are all collectively staring aghast at our computer screens wondering how on earth the former child star plans to top THAT?! It's also natural to wonder what the heck her fiance Liam Hemsworth has to say about her antics ... and if he's reached his breaking (up?) point yet or is willing to grin and bear it while his fiancee continues to shock/confuse/disturb us all.

Well,'s source claims to know the answer ... 


The supposed insider revealed, "Liam can’t really control what [Miley] does, and this ["Wrecking Ball"] video is another wave into him letting her do what she wants to do, because it's not affecting him or his career, it is all on Miley." They continued, "He is just separating everything and treating it as what it is, and that is entertainment. Let’s be honest, she’s not killing anyone."

Huh, interesting. If this is true, Liam sounds quite ... evolved, huh? Because it wouldn't be completely crazy to think that her "career" would actually reflect poorly on his. Then again, sometimes you have no choice but to overlook aspects of your partner's job that aren't ideal ...

It's not uncommon to be affected by and need to come to terms with the negative aspects of your partner's career -- even if they aren't twerking for a living like Miley! Ha! It just comes with the territory of being in a long-term, serious relationship. Your partner might work crazy hours or complain about their coworker or have to transfer to a different city, and you have to be supportive. Have their back. Figure it out together.

Who knows, maybe that's what's going on here!? Maybe Miley's being prodded to keep pushing barriers by her team, and Liam has had to make peace with the fact that if he loves her (bless his heart!), then for better or worse, he's along for the ride. If that's the case, maybe they do stand a chance after all!

Do you think that Liam may be cool with Miley's new shtick? What drawbacks of your partner's career have you had to come to terms with?

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