Lamar Odom Finally Opens Up About Drug Allegations

Lamar OdomSooooo ... Lamar Odom. Isn't he supposed to be, like, holed up in a crack den somewhere? Apparently not. TMZ managed to get Lamar to open up for the first time since all of those drug rumors started, and guess what? Lamar seems like, er, totally fine. Obviously, not all addicts walk around looking like they're on death's door, so who knows. But this video certainly doesn't clear anything up. In fact, asked if he's spoken to Khloe lately -- whom he is supposedly not even on speaking terms with -- he laughed like that was the silliest question he'd ever heard and said, "Of course! That's my wife!"


Here's how it all went down:

TMZ videographer: Hey, your fans are worried about you. [Nice opener!] You doing okay?

Lamar: How do I look?

TMZ: You look great.

Lamar: There you go.

TMZ: So you don't have a drug problem, right?

Lamar: Naw.

TMZ: Think you need professional help?

Lamar: Naw.

[Stuff about basketball ... blah blah ... ]

TMZ: Spoken to Khloe, man?

Lamar: [Laughing] That's my wife! Of course!

Well, you can't exactly expect him to come out and admit he has a drug problem ... unless he's talking to Oprah. But he does appear healthy and like his old self in this video.

TMZ insists he's in denial. And certainly his recent DUI doesn't look good. Not to mention all of that talk about Khloe having no idea where Lamar even was.

But has all of this been exaggerated? Or is Lamar lying? Ack, who knows. Stay tuned.

Do you think he's telling the truth?

Image via Splash News

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