Lamar Odom’s Strange Nighttime Activities Make Us Wonder if He’s All Right (VIDEO)

lamar odomSo maybe you have more important things to think about -- in fact, I hope you do. But here at The Stir, we've been worried about Lamar Odom. Last week, when Khloe couldn't find him, we joked that Lamar was the new Where's Waldo. It was all shits and giggles until someone said, "I'm just afraid he's going to be found somewhere, dead from an OD." Ooh, downer. No one wishes that for Lamar, no matter what he's done. Well, to our great relief he's very much alive. Photographers snapped Lamar walking around downtown LA late, late last night. But is he all right? It's hard to tell.


Around 10 p.m. Lamar chatted and posed for photos with fans at his apartment building. Shortly after midnight he was seen stopping by a sushi restaurant (but not staying), and then strolling to a deli where he bought a banana. He ate the banana on his way back to his apartment. Then he left again around 3:15 a.m., got into someone's car, and returned to his apartment building around 6 a.m.

So, eating a banana is pretty normal. Guy's got the late-night munchies, and he made a healthy choice. It's not exactly crackhead behavior, but it is odd that he went someplace at 3 in the morning. Could be a hot club, could be a booty call, could be anything. He may have just had a restless night. But whatever is going on, we're just glad to see him alive and looking well. As his wife Khloe would say, "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil." And if you ask him yourself, as one pap did, he'll tell you, "Life is good."

Lamar does kind of seem at loose ends, though. His marriage appears to be unraveling, and he's caught in a whirlpool of rumors about drug use and prostitutes. Can you blame a guy for not being able to sleep at night?

Do you think Lamar is on drugs, or just haunted by the turmoil in his life?


Image via TMZ

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