Kristen Stewart Mega-Fan Pays $500,000 for Chance to Meet Her

Kristen StewartGee. I'm sure plenty of people would be willing to shell out a little bit of cash for a chance to meet their favorite celebrity, but would you believe that a Middle Eastern prince paid $500,000 to spend 15 minutes with Kristen Stewart?!?

Yep. Half a mil for a brief chit-chat with KStew. At the Toronto Film Festival, Harvey Weinstein was talking to the audience in attendance at a screening of his movie, 12.12.12, which is about a Hurricane Sandy relief concert that celebrities put on last year. He explained how this prince approached the organizers of the show and offered to fork over some cash to meet Kristen.

And wait until you hear what her reaction was when Harvey told her about the royal dude's request.


She said, "How much?" -- and agreed to the meet and greet once the price got up to $500,000.


Maybe we should go ahead and assume that every single cent of that $500,000 went to the cause at hand and not directly into KStew's pocket -- otherwise it makes her look way more egotistical than we ever dreamed she could be.

I mean, can you even imagine her demanding such a high price to meet a fan -- let alone a royal one? If that's the case, then she obviously thinks she's pretty damn important, though she's never struck me as being the arrogant type.

She seems like someone who would jump at the chance to meet an eager fan who wanted to see her so badly he was willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so. That's what makes me think the money had to have gone to Hurricane Sandy relief -- otherwise she probably would have agreed to meet him for free.

Yeah, let's go with that assumption. Anything else is enough to turn us off to KStew forever.

How much would you pay to meet Kristen Stewart?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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