Kardashians May Not Be Able to Keep Up for Long in Wake of Lamar Odom Scandal

KardashiansAre the Kardashians almost over? Reportedly, the show's contract is up in 2015 and there's a lot of talk that the "brand" might be finished. And the Lamar Odom drugs-and-cheating scandal might be the nail in the Kardashian koffin. Despite the fact that the Kardashian fame was based on Kim's sex tape, the Kard Klan brand has always been tied to the idea of family -- one that may not be perfect, but that sticks together no matter what. The Brady Bunch on steroids. The Cleavers on aphrodisiacs. But the Lamar Odom scandal has rocked the house -- cracked its foundations -- and shown the family for what it really is. A family much like many in America -- one with major problems.


Some pundits are betting that this latest assault to the Klan's reputation (such as it is) will be its undoing. Not to mention that ratings are reportedly down, and new merchandising products are reportedly not selling well.

The failure of the Kris Jenner show has probably woken the family up to the reality that they are not loved in all quarters. Apparently no one wants to sit and look at Kris Jenner's face more than they already have to. As one reality show expert puts it, "People are starting to say, 'I think we’re over it.'"

It's possible that interest in little North West could reignite the brand -- no pressure, kid -- but my guess is not for long.

Hey, this family got much further than it should have, given that they don't sing, don't act, don't dance, and don't do much but yap. They should be happy with the millions they've made and figure out, individually, what their next life steps are.

Maybe Kris and Bruce can finally end their self-imposed marital torture if the show finally goes dark. Maybe Rob can finally figure out what he wants out of life besides being an appendage to his sisters.

Maybe somebody will go to college. Oh wait, the kids have already had the "best education."

Are you over the Kardashians?


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