Super-Skinny Khloe Kardashian May Be Taking Stress-Relieving Workouts to an Extreme (PHOTOS)

khloe kardashian kendall jennerKhloe Kardashian has been pretty gung-ho about hitting the gym hard for a while now, famously getting more svelte over the past year-ish. But in the wake of all the buzz surrounding her troubled marriage to Lamar Odom, it looks like she's taken her intense workouts to a whole new level.

Sis Kendall Jenner posted a photo to Instagram of the pair working out -- Khloe doing her signature fave move, squatting, of course, and Kendall doing other lower body work -- over the weekend. The caption: "Action shot! KhloeMoney workin on that booty#GetItGirl." She later elaborated on another shot: "KhloMoney and Kenya gettin it in in the gym, stunna style.” Awesome! Except it's hard not to notice that Khloe looks thinner than ever.

Check out the "action shot" ...


khloe kendall working out instagram

Could be completely attributed to working out like a maniac, which we can't really say boo to. Especially given all the stress she's likely facing right now. There's pretty much no better or healthier way to cope with any sort of distress than sweating it out. Still, I could imagine what she's going through may have a way of really axing her appetite. And that could be potentially harmful ...

You see it happen to women all the time -- stars especially -- who attribute their weight loss to stress. (Funny, cuz for many of us, the opposite occurs! More cortisol = more belly fat!) Maybe because they're working out like crazy or just forgetting to eat. But either way, being at your wits' end emotionally and/or mentally is not exactly a sustainable or smart fitness strategy, amirite?! 

My heart goes out to Khlo, cuz she really does seem to be going through a lot right now ... Coping by pushing herself at the gym one thing, but let's hope she's eating right and taking care of herself overall. Because there's no glory in a slimmed-down body earned as a result of being completely stressed!

Do you think Khloe may be losing weight because she's stressed out? Has that ever happened to you?


Image via KendallJenner/Instagram

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