Kayne West's Tour Plans Drastically Changes His Relationship With Kim Kardashian

kim and kanyeLooks like Kanye West is no longer a solo act. The rapper is so in love with family life, he can't bear to leave them behind during his upcoming tour, which kicks off in Seattle October 19. You know that that means! Kim Kadashian and baby North will be bunking in the tour bus with him. Sure, in theory that sounds cool, but here is what the new dad has in store for him.


Sources say Kanye is super excited about the plan but rolling around the country with a newborn sounds like a nightmare. Right now, the couple is living with Kim's family and has a lot of help taking care of North. That changes once they go on tour. It will be hard to keep the little one on any kind of schedule with the hectic lifestyle that a tour requires. And that means a seriously cranky baby.

Kanye will be performing all night and sleeping or rehearsing during the day. That may not leave much time for family bonding. Not only that, how will this affect Kim's "job." She won't be able to hit her various, paid red carpet appearances. And what about filming Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She may end up hating tour life. That, coupled with taking care of the baby could put a strain on the relationship. For now, however, the couple is reportedly psyched to hit the road together. Let's hope it's more blissful than it sounds.

Do you think it's a good idea for Kim and baby North to go on tour with Kanye?

Image via Alexis/Flickr

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