Beyonce's Bodyguard Killed During Bizarre Attack

beyonceNot a lot of people may know Norman Oosterbroek by name, but they've probably seen his hulking frame guarding the world's biggest celebrities. Among those who rely on him to keep them safe -- Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna. He even got his start guarding Nelson Mandela. But the bodyguard to the stars is now dead after a bizzare and frightening confrontation with the cops.


Oosterbroek was reportedly tassered after he went on a drug-fueled rampage. Police claim that after ingesting some unknown drug, he stripped down, broke into a neighbor's Miami mansion at night, and then started beating him.

This entire incident doesn't give with the gentle man sources say the stars knew and depended on.  Very tall and weighing some 280-pounds, the was aptly nicknamed the "Dutch Giant." When police arrived, Oosterbroek allegedly was naked and fighting the homeowner, whose wife had called the cops. He was zapped after resisting the officers' attempts to calm him down and died later at the hospital.

Do you think drugs can make a usually calm, gentle person turn violent? Have you ever witnessed it yourself?


Image via Nat Ch Villa/Flickr

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