Fears for Lamar Odom Reach Truly Alarming Levels

It's a bad sign when your crack dealer cuts you off. TMZ reports that Lamar Odom's drug habit got so bad and potentially dangerous, that his own dealer supposedly cut him off, worried that he might overdose. Of course, dealers aren't exactly worried for their clients. They're worried for themselves! And this one was supposedly so concerned about Lamar Odom possibly dying and leading the cops directly to his/her door, that he/she cut Lamar off. Wow. This should be a major wake-up call for Lamar.


A source tells TMZ that Lamar's habit got so insatiable, that he was bugging the dealer for crack all week long. And the dealer got nervous and decided to cut him off. Who knew drug dealers had their limits?

While this is good news, in other ways it's not. Because reportedly Lamar just went and got himself another dealer.

There's still no word from either Lamar or Khloe Kardashian about any of these rumors, but since they are so damn prevelent, and they haven't addressed any of them, something is going on. I feel bad for Lamar. I feel bad for anyone caught in the grip of an addiction.

Anyone altering his or her mind with drugs is, essentially, trying to do one thing: Feel better. Let's face it, life can be painful, disappointing, and heartbreaking. Whether it was Lamar's career coming to what seems a total end, or living in the shadow of the Kardashian family, or Lamar's tough upbringing and his irresponsible father, Lamar has his issues -- as most people do -- and thought that drugs would ease the pain of those issues. 

But having your dealer cut you off is a sure sign that you've gone way too far. He probably knows this already. His marriage is in big trouble. His career is down the tubes. His reputation. He's losing everything for a drug. I'm sure he doesn't like that or want it. But he's not in control now, the drug is.

The only way to get back control is to get away from the drug. And that means getting to a place where you can't get it. Let's hope this happens before it's too late. We don't need another Cory Monteith. 

What do you think Lamar should do?


Image via Splash News

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