Finally, the Real Reason Matt Bomer Didn't Land Christian Grey

Matt BomerEver since the Fifty Shades of Grey casting was announced, there's been a lot of, as the British would say, "whinging" about it. Fans are very particular about who they want cast, and let's just say that Charlie Hunnam as Christian and Dakota Johnson as Anastasia weren't exactly what 50S fans had in mind when they read the book. Who they did have in mind appear to be Matt Bomer and Alexis Bledel, if the over 65,000 signatures on are any indication. But if the latest gossip is to be believed, then Matt WAS offered the role of Christian -- and guess what, y'all? -- he didn't want the damn thing!


This is the most solid piece of casting gossip I've heard yet because it comes -- supposedly -- out of the mouth of someone who was privy to what the film's casting director, Francine Maisler, was saying. (I know, it's hard to believe E.L. James didn't cast the thing, but it's actually a casting director who rounds up the prospects.)

Offered the lead role were reportedly Ryan Gosling, Robert Pattinson and Matt Bomer -- all of whom had NADA INTEREST. It's not like Matt (and the rest) auditioned and lost out.

So all of you people with your petition -- turn your protesting energies towards something a little more worthy of your time. Like, I dunno, whether we should strike Syria, or whether the Olympics in Russia should be boycotted because of its anti-gay policies. (Something Matt Bomer would probably sign!)

The spy who knows all told New York Daily News' Confidential:

The day before the news broke about who was cast, Francine was having lunch with a friend at the bar and said things were being finalized that moment. Francine flat out said, 'It was very hard to cast this movie because a lot of people didn't want to do it' ... She said big names were just reluctant to do it.

First off, actors work very hard to get famous enough so that they don't need to do nudity. Very few actors want to do a movie that will be wall-to-wall sex scenes -- unless they're getting paid $20 million to do it, and Fifty Shades, despite being an extremely popular book, is a low budget movie.
Not to mention that Matt is busy with White Collar and Alexis is tied up (get it?) with her new show, Us & Them.
Save your signatures, everyone. The petition could get 50 million signatures and they still aren't gonna do the movie. Unless each one of you contributes a dollar to their salaries.
As to why Charlie and Dakota accepted the roles, I'm going to venture a guess that a) there's not as much sex in the movie as there is in the book; b) both of them must have been drawn in by the promise of getting to psychoanalyze two sex-obsessed characters. I'm sure it had little to do with 50 Shades prose.
Will this make you give up the whole Bomer/Bledel wishfest?
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