Kristen Stewart's Sexy New Look Means She's Finally Moved on From Rob (PHOTO)

Kristen StewartWhoa -- check out how smokin' hot Kristen Stewart's little black dress looks! At first glance, I wasn't even sure it was her, considering she hasn't bothered to change out of her standard uniform of a side-boob baring tank top, jeans, and a baseball cap lately.

But then I saw that she's wearing red sneakers as opposed to heels or flats, which totally gives her away as KStew.

She was spotted wearing the dressier attire while heading to the set of her new movie, Sils Maria, in Berlin -- and I gotta say, this is a welcome transformation for her.


I hate to point this out, but ever since she and Robert Pattinson broke up, she really kind of let herself go in the fashion department. It's like she gave up on looking put together and trendy and went for the whole grunge vibe -- because she just didn't care about her appearance in the wake of the split.

But now that some time has passed, it's clear that she's moving on with her life and is ready for a fresh start -- and she's possibly trying to land a new dude in the process. OMG. Have you heard that Kristen is supposedly crushing on Zac Efron?

If that little rumor is true, then her new, more sophisticated look makes a whole lot of sense. Odds are good that she'll be better able to catch his eye wearing a dress that hugs her curves as opposed to clothes that hide her amazing figure. This dress says, "I'm hot, available, and I KNOW I look good," versus her old duds that scream, "I really don't give a rat's ass anymore."

If she can't snag a new man in this getup, then she should probably get used to living the single life indefinitely. But something tells me if she keeps kicking things up a notch like this, she'll have a new hottie on her arm in no time.

Do you prefer Kristen dressed up, or in her usual casual outfits?


Image via Splash

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