Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Make a Bold Move That Could Make or Break Them

Sean Lowe Catherine GiudiciWhoa -- it's getting really serious, people! Bachelor couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici have moved to Dallas -- something they insisted they would wind up doing after their engagement (though none of us actually believed it would happen.)

Yep, apparently they're over the L.A. scene and are ready to start a new, more normal life together, and Sean's hometown of Dallas is just the place to kick things off.

Instead of rubbing elbows with celebrities and attending fun parties, they'll get to do everyday "couple" things, like going to the movies and the grocery store or taking the dogs to the park.


And while I definitely think the fact that they've relocated is a sign that things are heading in the right direction, this move will definitely determine the fate of their relationship one way or the other.

Let's look at the positive stuff first. Since they've lived together (with separate bedrooms, of course) in L.A. for quite a few months, they obviously had enough time to get used to each other's quirks and habits, so at least they won't have that hurdle to deal with in their new pad in Dallas. (It's probably safe to assume they're living together, right?)

And since Dallas is Sean's hometown, it's doubtful that Catherine would've moved there with him if she wasn't positive that they were going to get married, settle down, and start a family together. She's had ample time to figure out whether or not Sean is really "the one," so my guess is that she would've high-tailed it back to Seattle by now if things between them weren't rock solid.

But there is a flip side to this big move for sure -- because it could potentially make Sean and Catherine realize that they don't have much in common when they're not living their lives in the spotlight. Los Angeles and Dallas are two totally different animals, so there is the chance that they could become bored with how mundane things seem compared to the glitz and glamour of La-La Land.

No matter how you look at it, this move represents a major turning point in their relationship -- either for better or for worse. But for some reason -- I'm still willing to bet that we'll see a wedding happen sometime in 2014. They really do seem like the real deal to me, especially if they've made it this far.

Do you think living in Dallas will be good for Sean and Catherine?


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