Navy Sailor Takes Twerking Trend to a Whole Other Level (VIDEOS)

Navy TwerkEver since Miley Cyrus said the word "twerk" for the first time, people everywhere have been gettin' down with their romp-shakin' selves. From pregnant women twerking to Harry Styles gettin' down, twerking doesn't discriminate. As much as I despise this whole fad (I swear people have been doing this booty shakin' thing for YEARS), I think it's safe to say I've found my favorite twerking video yet. The subject? One sexy stud from the U.S. Navy.

In not only one but TWO videos, this Navy sailor gets down with his bad self. I highly doubt you've ever seen a pair of Navy NWUs look this good. Oh and I've decided: this guy's got more moves than Miley herself. 

Check out this sexy Navy sailor twerking like you've never seen before, here:


Can this guy shake it or WHAT?!


Image via plyxndr5/ YouTube

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