Ryan Gosling Reveals How He Felt About Being First Choice for Christian Grey

Ryan GoslingIt's been four days since the world found out who would be playing Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele and I think the shock is starting to wind down. It's no surprise that Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson aren't the couple that Fifty Shades of Grey fans were hoping to take the lead roles. For months now, hopeful fans have wished several more well-known stars. You know, those few particular hunky ones you can't take your eyes off of? Like Matt Bomer, or Ian Somerhalder, or Alexander Scarsgard -- for starters.

Well what if I told you that one of the fans' top picks for Christian Grey was actually the movie producers' top pick for the gig? Get. This. None other than Ryan Gosling was reportedly the first choice for the role of Christian Grey. FIRST. CHOICE. Because Ryan has other things he'd rather be doing than stripping down and giving Fifty Shades fans free tickets to his gun show, he told producers he wasn't interested.

Hey Ryan, why you gotta go on and let a girl down like that?


I just ... can't. I mean we've all most definitely seen Ryan shirtless before on the big screen and it's about as delicious as a vanilla ice cream cone with sprinkles on a hot summer day. To think, Gosling could have had the chance to give 99 percent of American women exactly what they've always wanted, and turned it down.

As much as I want to shake my fist in anger, I respect that. My guess is that Ryan doesn't want to be known as the guy that played Christian Grey. Instead, he wants to stay known as Ryan "Hey Girl" Gosling. And as much as I'm disappointed thinking of what could have been, I don't blame him.

Would you have liked to see Ryan Gosling as Christian Grey?


Image via friskytuna/ Flickr

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