Kailyn Lowry's Planning a Wedding Surprise She Might Soon Regret

kailyn lowry javi marroquinTeen Mom star Kailyn Lowry's big formal wedding to her already-husband U.S. Airman Javi Marroquin is coming up at lightning speed! Being that the date is set for just a couple of weeks from now (September 21!), Kail seems to be getting more and more psyched to walk down the aisle. She's even been filling her Twitter followers in on some of her top-secret wedding plans ...

A few days ago, the bride-to-be tweeted, "I think our wedding guests are gona (sp) crack up when they see our entrance with the maids& groomsmen into the reception. Is everyone ready for our entrance to the reception?" Yes, of course we are! But wait ... oh no. Does this mean they've got a whole choreographed routine rarin' to go?!


Ever since the walk-down-the-aisle set to "Forever" by Chris Brown went viral, and maybe even before that, brides -- and surely, some bridal parties of their own volition! -- have taken to choreographing routines to bust out for unsuspecting guests for either the ceremony or the reception entrance. Being caught off-guard and getting the chance to laugh 'til you cry thanks to one of these performances is fab! But at the same time, this is definitely one wedding trend that currently runs the risk of going stale ... What's more, if the people involved aren't into it or don't practice enough, it can come off as forced and cringe-worthy. Eek.

Still, making the attempt does mean you do away with the tried-and-true, monotonous entrance everyone does -- you know, usually set to "Celebration" by Kool in the Gang. Shudder. I've seen it done 100 percent right. One of my good friends is a teacher and dance team coach, and she asked their bridal party (including my husband!) to learn a simple line dance to Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling" routine for their entrance into the reception a couple of years ago. She planned it far out enough, the level of groomsmen/bridesmaids' participation was high enough, and they rehearsed enough that it came out perfectly on point

Fingers crossed Kailyn and Javi's bridal party can pull off the same! And let's hope MTV films it all for us to watch later, because as I'm sure she realizes, the reality show bride will be putting on a show for wedding guests AND fans alike!

How do you feel about choreographed ceremony/reception entrances? Any guesses what Kailyn's will be like?


Image by Kate Hedrick via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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