Lea Michele Has Decided the Fate of Rachel Berry's Love Life

rachel finn duet we've got tonightThe countdown to the September 26 Glee season 5 premiere has begun, and while there has been a lotta leakin' of spoilers -- including details on themed episodes, definite song covers, and of course the anticipated tribute episode to Finn/Cory -- we haven't heard much as far as how writers and Lea Michele herself plan to handle Rachel Berry's love life. Whether or not Rachel will remain single after Finn passes away is obviously a sensitive subject ... undoubtedly for Lea herself and Finchel fans.

Now, inside scoop on the possibility of a new boyfriend for Rachel has been revealed, and the game plan actually sounds like a major relief.


Lea reportedly decided that Rachel will not be getting a new love interest in the near future, a source tells HollywoodLife.com. “It is true that Lea doesn’t want to move fast into another relationship so quickly from the loss of Finn. The show is going to take things naturally and make things as real as possible and have her deal with the loss and issues that come from it,” the source explained.

As perfect and respectful as that sounds, it also sounds like it could be so hard for Lea ... Better than be forced to do romantic scenes with a "replacement Finn" (one ludicrous, Bewitched-esque idea that was floated early on) or with anyone for that matter right away, but still -- having "her deal with the loss" on-screen and off just sounds painful. 

That said, it sounds like we should never say never in regards to another love for Rachel coming along. The source continued, "Will there be love in the future? Most likely, but they are going to tread lightly and be respectful with the process as much as possible. Rachel, for the remainder of the show, is going to be a version of Lea that she wants to show to her fans. Cory and Finn will not be forgotten and that will be shown throughout the rest of the series."

Fair enough. Ultimately, I'm sure whatever Lea decides feels right will be something we can all get behind.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Rachel should have a new love interest by the series' end?


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