Kate Middleton May Be a ‘Smother Mother’ if Rumors About Her Parenting Are True

kate middletonKate Middleton's talkative uncle, Gary Goldsmith (AKA "King of Fun"), was recently interviewed by UK's Grazia magazine, and naturally, all the questions and answers were centered around how the Duke and Duchess are faring as new parents and, duh, little Prince George. A lot of the interview is kind of boring and completely canned ("It's been a fairy tale right from the beginning!"), but there was one noteworthy tidbit Gary let slip: "William and Kate will be involved in everything George does."



I seriously doubt William and Kate will be involved in every single thing their child, or children, do. Not because they're not awesome people who have become awesome parents who will always do awesome things. But because no parent should ever be involved in every single thing their kid does. That's weird.

What I think Uncle Gary meant was the Duke and Duchess will be involved with their children much more than the royal families of the past. "I don't think they will pass the responsibility of their babies to other people," Goldsmith said. And I agree. It doesn't seem that way at all.

From the get-go, William and Kate have exuded a more modern, less stuffy vibe than their predecessors, and no doubt, it seems like they'll be more hands-on with George than, say, Elizabeth was with Charles, or Charles was with William and Harry. They're breaking royal tradition -- in a good way. And it's damn cool to think that, because of them, Prince George will be closer with his kids someday. Nice work, guys.

Do you think William and Kate will be hands-on parents?


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