5 Personal Norman Reedus Photos That Make Us Swoon Bigtime

Linda Sharps | Sep 5, 2013 Celebrities

Norman ReedusDo you follow Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus (aka Daryl Dixon) on Instagram? I feel a tiny bit silly admitting that I do, but I'm going to go ahead and jettison the slight discomfort triggered by that confession in favor of the full-scale humiliation of putting together an entire article devoting to fawning over some of his photos.

*clears throat awkwardly* *hides driver's license which clearly states I'm damn near 40 years old and should probably stop behaving like a shrieking fangirl*

Anyway! If you haven't been poring over every single image he shares via social media, please enjoy 5 recent photographs that have made their way to Norman Reedus's Instagram account. Fair warning: there are both tiny kittens and smoking-hot biceps brachii ahead.

Do you like celebrity Instragram accounts? Which ones do you follow?

  • Walking Dead group photo


    A nice shot of some of the Walking Dead crew, don't you think? Man, Michonne cleans up like WHOAH.



  • MeeeYOW



    "Kitten on the Walking Dead set today," he wrote. So cute, but … DINNER?


  • Mile-high furball snooze


    I was trying to imagine what I'd do if I were on a plane and Norman Reedus sat down beside me and fell asleep on my shoulder while his super-cute cat purred comfortably BUT THEN I DIED.



  • Welcome to the gun show


    Aw, look at the little do--BICEPS. OH SWEET LORD ABOVE LOOK AT THOSE BICEPS.



  • Rough day at the office


    "Had a busy week," Reedus wrote. I just hope those wounds are survivable, AMC. Also, in the celebrity battle of Weird Tongue Poses Norman Reedus totally kicks Miley Cyrus's tiny little butt, does he not?



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