'Mad Men' Season 7 Premiere Scoop: What We Know So Far

mad men season 6 promoAlthough the Mad Men season 6 finale aired just a little over two months ago, it feels like FOREVER since we last saw Don Draper & Co.! Let's admit it: Since the credits rolled, and we left Don, Sally, Bobby, and Gene staring at that run-down old whorehouse, we've waiting with bated breath for the Mad Men season 7 premiere!

But by piecing together details from creator Matthew Weiner, Christina Hendricks and other cast members, and the show's track record, it seems more and more apparent that we won't have to wait too long to travel back to the late '60s ...


First off, Christina Hendricks confessed this week to SCTimes.com that the show begins shooting again in November ... AND she called it the "last season." Well, she's not Weiner himself, but I would still guess any hopes for a season 8 can be securely dashed now. Wah!

But, good news: Let's not write off the possibility that a new incarnation of the show may come along ... Christina joked that once "the show wraps," she's "just going to stay at home and write little scenarios for Joan because I just miss her!" She said that her spinoff would be called Joan, the '70s: A Memoir, in which she thinks "she would be doing more of the same, probably higher in the ranks at work, trying to be the best mother she could be, hopefully finding love. Hopefully." Aww. With ... Roger?! Ha, that's my personal favorite scenario obvs.

While I'm sure people would adore a Joan spinoff, there's actually been buzz about other characters getting their own show: Ted and Pete! Ugh. Yes. Kevin Rahm has said several times in interviews over the summer that he'd like to see the story continue for the two in L.A. "I keep working a spinoff angle," Kevin told E!. “The spinoff is me and Pete, The Odd Couple in L.A. but they’re both dirty. Two Felixes.” Hmm ... not sure if I'm loving that idea, but I guess I would give anything Mad Men-related a chance.

Thankfully, we don't have to worry about that for at least several more months. All things being equal to what they've been in the past -- with the exception of season 5's notorious contract negotiations -- we should see the Mad Men season 7 premiere in April 2014. That gives us plenty of time to rehash old eps and throw around conspiracy theories for the series finale!

What do you think about potential spinoffs? Do you think season 7 will premiere in April?


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