Desiree Hartsock & Chris Siegfried's Poetry Book Is Out -- Here's What's Inside!

Desiree and ChrisBreaking news from the lamest couple to ever come out of The Bachelorette: Chris Siegfried and Desiree Hartsock's book Diamonds and Hearts is officially out! We've already geeked out a little bit speculating about what would be inside the 182-page memoir featuring 44 of the couple's original poems. But now, we can finally catch a glimpse of the mushy gushiness for ourselves!

OK. So I'll be real: I don't know about you guys, but I find it comical that it's been .05 seconds since they proclaimed their love on national TV and since then they've had time to compile all of their feelings into what they hope will be a New York Times bestseller. Sounds to me like this is a couple with a thirst for publicity.

However, that doesn't mean we're not excited for what's inside or that what's inside is oozing of REAL, heartfelt emotion. Here are what Bachelorette fans can expect in Diamonds and Hearts:


1. The book is 182 pages long and documents Siegfried's journey to find love with Desiree.

2. According to Amazon, Desiree "expresses her feelings for Chris in a way that no one has ever seen before." I'm intrigued. I just really wish she could write, "I knew it was him from day one," but, well, thanks to Brooks, that's a negative.

3. Inside the book there are photos of Chris as a baseball player and "unseen photos" of the couple.

4. If you buy the book for Kindle, you'll be greeted with a video message from Chris and Des thanking you for purchasing their first piece of literature!

5. It's cheap! The book retails for only $8.95 and can be bought here.

Will you be buying Diamonds and Hearts?


Image via hartsdesire4/Instagram

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