'50 Shades' Casting Doesn't Mean E.L. James Is Finished With Robert Pattinson

robert pattinson With Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson now confirmed to step into the roles of Christian and Anastasia in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey flick, there's just one thing for E.L. James to do at this point ... sit back, relax, and hang out with Robert Pattinson! Wait, what?! Oh yes, apaprently, "E.L. and Rob have become really close," a source tells E! News of the author and the actor. "They have become very good friends." Awww.

Man oh man, what a large portion of the female population wouldn't give to be in Erika Leonard's shoes these days, huh?! I mean, consider her biggest problem: She reportedly always wanted Rob as Christian (well, duh, she only wrote the series as a lovelorn, drooly tribute to him!), and it didn't work out ... But no biggie, cuz the consolation prize is being BFFs with her muse!


What's more, she has Mr. Hunkypants Charlie "Hummanah-Hummanah!" Hunnam to portray her leading man. What a hardship! No, but seriously, according to the latest reports, E.L. is "very happy" with Charlie in the role. And um, hello. Why wouldn't she be?!

Say what you want about Charlie -- that he should've been/shouldn't have been cast as Christian or that he's hot/not hot enough, etc. -- but one thing's for sure: He's gorgeous and charismatic to boot! And with Rob by her side and Charlie now solidly in Christian's shoes, E.L. James really does seem to have the world on a string. We should only be so lucky to have her problems. Yeesh!

Do you think E.L. and Rob will collaborate down the road? How are you feeling about Charlie as Christian lately?


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