'Real Housewives of Miami's Lea Black Calls Out Marysol Patton & Adriana De Moura

lea black, real housewives of miami, bravoHaters gonna hate. This is a concept with which Real Housewives of Miami's Lea Black is more than a little familiar. Sure, the cast tried to make it seem like the end of last season was all love, butterflies, and flowers being chucked into the ocean. But then they followed up with that sucker-punch of a reunion! My girl Lea got verbally knocked out. It was beyond brutal. 

But you can't keep a Texan down, and Lea's come back this season swinging. After this week's episode, Lea's calling out everyone in her blog. Marysol Patton's uber-serious meeting with the psychic? Phony. Adriana De Moura and Frederic Marq? Hypocrites.  


Last season it was easy to side with Adriana, the self-professed poor, commitment-phobic, single mom. But now, with the revelation that she’s been secretly married, the tables have turned. It didn't have to be this way. Lea and Adriana go way back.

Lea just wanted the truth about Adriana's marriage to Frederic. She gave Adriana a chance to own up to it all. She didn’t want the chick to grovel or anything. All she wanted was an acknowledgement that she had been less than truthful. This was too much for Adriana, who acted out like a spoiled child. I mean, come on. Storming out into the rain? Attention-seeking, much?

Adriana has been grade-A ungrateful at best and a liar at worst. Now, to twist the knife in Lea's back by cozying up to Marysol? That's just tacky. Lea's a strong woman. It's no wonder Frederiq slams her at every turn -- he's scared to death Adriana is going to wise up and leave his boat-lovin' butt. Lea handles everything with class, as exhibited at this week's party. She didn't even let Alexia Echevarria (who, let's be real, got involved just to have something to do) bug her. I think Lea handled herself well -- she had no choice but to speak up and silence the haters.

Are you Team Lea or Team Adriana?

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