Pippa Middleton May Be Keeping Her Engagement a Secret for Kate Middleton's Sake

pippa middleton and nico jacksonJust when you thought things were quieting down on the royal front, here comes news that Pippa Middleton may have gone and gotten herself engaged -- secretly! The almost-30-year-old new auntie has only been dating stockbroker Nico Jackson for about six months, but we've been hearing buzz for a while now that she feels he's The One. Now, it sounds like that it really may be coming together for the Duchess of Cambridge's younger sister. 

So why haven't we heard official word about it yet? An insider told The Sunday People that Pippa and Nico were delaying the engagement announcement because "they didn't want to take the shine off Kate [Middleton] and her baby." But other reports say the couple is planning a spring 2014 wedding -- probably at Middletons' Bucklebury home with the ceremony at a nearby church -- and they're ecstatic. Aww!


And apparently we haven't seen her sporting bling just yet because she's "designing a ring." I'd buy that!

As fun as all of this reported news may be, Us says it's not true at all. But who knows? That may just be a continued attempt to keep their engagement under wraps until the Prince George hubbub has quieted down, and if that's the case, what a bummer! If they had announced their engagement on the day of his birth or immediately after, okay, maybe that would have been a bit awkward, but now, what's the big deal? I can't possibly see what one thing has to do with the other.

Further, all right, we know Pippa isn't royalty herself -- come on, E!, you should know better than that! -- but lots of Kate and Wills fans are equally excited to follow Pippa's ongoings. That said, official engagement news -- whether it's coming now or later -- will give us even more to look forward to! Can't wait!

What do you think about Pippa possibly putting off announcing the engagement? Are you looking forward to hearing about her wedding plans?


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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