Jenelle Evans Breaks Her Thumb in the World's Weirdest Accident

jenelle evansAre you sitting down? If so, please stand. You're going to want to be up for this. Jenelle Evans broke her thumb in her sleep the other night, you guys. As the story goes, per her lovah, Nathan Griffith, Jenelle was deep in a peaceful slumber a few nights ago when she rolled over and fell off the bed, breaking her most important finger: Her thumb. And the weirdest part about this whole weird story? Jenelle has no recollection of the incident whatsoever.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...


Jenelle initially fired off the tweet: "Woke up with a broken thumb", and when inquiring fans demanded to know how ("What'd you do? Sleep on it wrong?! Lol" one person asked), Jenelle simply responded with: "Nathan said I fell off the bed earlier lol I don't remember."

Now. I'm not one to make assumptions, buuuuut, when one is completely and totally sober -- nary a cocktail in their system -- how do they sleep through falling off of their bed and breaking a bone in their body? I know some people are deep sleepers, and I'm not saying Jenelle was under the influence of any kind. Buuuuut. This is a pretty impressive thing to sleep through. I've heard of people sleeping through alarms, phones, even their baby crying. But falling to the floor and smashing a finger to smithereens is a new one.

Glad everything is fine with Jenelle, and she's still able to LOL it up. But perhaps Nathan ought to install one of those toddler railings so Jenelle doesn't fall off the bed again. It was just a thumb this time, but who knows what could be next?

Have you ever fallen off your bed and broken your thumb and slept through it?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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