Katie Couric & John Molner Engaged: 5 Things to Know About Her Future Husband

Katie CouricSend out a big congrats to Katie Couric, who got engaged over Labor Day weekend. She said yes to her banker boyfriend of two years, John Molner. I love that John, at 50, is six years younger than Katie. Good on John for not wanting to marry some young gold digger. These two are age compatible, they both have successful careers, I give my stamp of approval! But just who is this mysterious suitor who won the hand of our lovely Katie? Well, guess what, John is an adult, so it's not surprising that I couldn't dig up a Twitter account on him. So I had to go deep, y'all. That's what I'm here for. Here are five things you should know about the future Mr. Katie Couric, John Molner.


Let's start with the obvious. John is tall, dark, and handsome. He's got quite a bit of gray in his dark hair, but is too much man to dye it. He also seems to have all his own hair.

According to People, John proposed with a gargantuan diamond ring while at a sunset dinner in East Hampton, New York. Nope, he didn't twerk his way into Katie's heart. Nor did he lip dub his proposal. Nor did he scare the shit out of her. And apparently nothing of the scene was uploaded to YouTube.

John is the head of Mergers & Acquisitions at Brown, Brothers, Harriman, a fancy pants investment firm. Katie likes financiers -- her last boyfriend, the 17-years-younger Brooks Perlin, was one too. This basically means that John was able to pick up the check at least part of the time when he was out with Katie.

John and Katie have a bit of a scandalous past! John's ex-girlfriend, Jessica Hsu, told the National Enquirer last year that John had cheated on her -- with Katie! Hsu called him a "two-timing cheater." Jessica was 27 at the time. Katie was 55. When's the last time you've heard of THAT happening?! When have you EVER heard of it happening?! I'm not much for cheating, but when you think of all of the 27-year-olds who have stolen older men away from older women -- well, consider this a bit of universal karma.

John is no dummy. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa and with Honors from Trinity College and from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Katie was probably clear she wanted marriage when she began dating John. After five years with Perlin, which she said broke up because they were uncertain about their future, she was probably not going to mess around much again. She lost her first husband, Jay Monahan, to colon cancer and told Parade magazine: "I would like to [get married]. I'm the marrying kind, even though I've only been married once. I like the idea of having a life partner." Even though he hadn't been married, John must be the marrying kind too, obvs!

What do you think of Katie and John?


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