'Harry Potter' Star Daniel Radcliffe Still Can’t Even Pee in Peace

daniel radcliffePoor Daniel Radcliffe. The Harry Potter star no doubt thought taking the lead role in an artsy flick -- playing gay beat poetry icon Allen Ginsberg, no less -- would protect him from Hogwarts-obsessed hordes. Bet the dude expected to be able to promote his new flick, Kill Your Darlings, at the Venice Film Festival in near anonymity! Okay, maybe that's stretching it, but still -- bet he wasn't expecting to get accosted while trying to use the bathroom


Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened. Apparently Radcliffe's adoring fans first attempted to get up close and personal (in a screamingly aggressive way) with the actor as he sauntered down the red carpet, but were stopped by bodyguards. Good work, security dudes! Except those same professionals must've let their guard down for a second or something when their charge took a bathroom break, cause those same fans took the opportunity to try and bust in on Harry while the poor guy was indisposed! Can you imagine?? Not only is that an incredibly rude thing to do to someone you supposedly admire, Daniel could've been quite seriously injured! I mean, that's just taking the whole super fan thing way, way too far. (Let's put it this way: I wouldn't feel okay about cornering Alexander Skarsgard while he was using a public men's room. So what does that tell you?? Anyway.)

Good-natured fellow that he is, Radcliffe shrugged off the whole incident -- and others like it -- thusly:

“I don’t take it seriously, actually I think it’s funny.” 

And I guess it is kind of funny, really, especially when you think back to little Daniel in those first HP movies. Who knew that kid would inspire such a long-lasting craze?? 

Would you ever try to bother your favorite star in the bathroom?

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