Kristen Stewart Goes Topless in New Ad & YOWZA (PHOTO)

kristen stewartThink what you want of Kristen Stewart and her smile that seems to inveterately (yeah, I took the SATs) find itself in the lost and found, but the girl takes a good photo. The Twilight actress recently shed all her clothes, going topless for a Balenciaga perfume ad, and Christ on a cracker, she looks good. And tasteful, people! The woman looks tasteful!


It seems like every time a model or an actress goes nude for a photo, it's the same damn pose: The Cupping of the Boobs. Or, as it's less formally known, Fist Full-O-Tatas. I love that Kristen's back is toward us while she forlornly gazes over her shoulder, as if to say: "I'm just a lonely, misunderstood girl whose only solace is found whilst sitting naked with flowers draped across my back."

That said, this isn't an easy look to pull off. I feel like most celebs, save for Angelina Jolie, would look kind of silly in this particular position with this particular expression on their face. It's almost as if KStew's perma-scowl has been a lifelong preparation for this very photoshoot. She looks completely natural in this ad. Almost ... unsettlingly so.

Kristy, bravo on your new ad! You look gorgeous! And way to break the mold on the topless photo. You're a true trailblazer.

What do you think of Kristen's new ad?

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