Robert Pattinson Was E.L. James' First Choice for Christian Grey but She Didn't Get Her Way

robert pattinsonFifty Shades of Grey fans were left stunned this weekend when author E.L. James revealed that Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson will be playing Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in the movie adaptation of her wildly popular soft-core book. Most seemed to be pleased with the choice of Johnson for Ana, but many were all the hell? when they heard about Hunnam. For the longest time, it's seemed like the role of Christian would for sure wind up going to either Ian Sommerhalder or Matt Bomer -- Hunnam's name was rarely thrown into the mix. But now it's being revealed that neither Ian nor Matt was ever seriously considered for the role. But you know who was? Robert Pattinson! In fact, according to author Bret Easton Ellis, Pattinson was James' first choice.

Easton tweeted:


"Talked to E.L. James at a party over the summer: her first choice for Christian was Rob Pattinson. She and I were at Rob Pattinson's house when she admitted that Rob was first choice for Christian. When E.L. James asked me who I thought should be Christian I said 'James Deen, of course,' and then she shoved me. We were both very wasted." 

I don't know what's more shocking: The fact that Ian and Matt were never considered for the roles, or that Robert Pattinson was James' first choice. Now, don't get me wrong, I think Rob is smokin', but first choice? Really? Totally can't see him in that role. In fact, I can see Kristen Stewart as Anastasia more than Rob as Christian.

And poor Charlie Hunnam. Not only are fans expressing their disappointment in him being cast in every corner of the world wide web, now Bret Easton Ellis is telling the world that he was James' runner-up for the role.

No matter what, there was going to be an uproar when the casting for Fifty Shades of Grey was finally revealed. We've all created images of who we think the perfect Christian and Ana are in our heads, and how could anyone top that? Even Ian or Matt?

That said, I think we'll all warm up to Hunnam playing Grey just fine.

Were you surprised by the casting choice?


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