Justin Bieber Defends Himself Against Shirt-Pulling Attacker at Night Club

 justin bieberAnother day, another report of someone trying to attack Justin Bieber. The 19-year-old Bieber was charged by a partier at a Toronto nightclub where he was performing Friday night. The attack happened as Bieber stepped off stage to get closer to some of the regular people.

The attacker rushed at the singer and started pulling on his shirt. Bieber was seen trying to defend himself, kicking at the attacker, before security pulled the attacker away and tackled the attacker to the floor.

Can we please pause a minute to talk about this "attacker" thing?


Technically that's exactly what this guy did and not to downplay violence or the potential that someone could have gotten really hurt here, but is "attack" really the best word? Or is it just a way to make Bieber sound more badass? "Justin Bieber defends himself against shirt-puller" just doesn't have the same punch. Anyway ...

No one was injured and no charged were filed against anyone (so the "attack" couldn't have been that bad) -- the attacker was simply kicked out of the club.

I'm sure someone has some iPhone footage of the melee that's yet to surface, but as of right now we are left only to our imaginations the visions of what Bieber looked like kicking at his attacker, and this narrated video compilation of some photos going around.

What do you make of this latest Bieber attack? Should he just stay away from the audience from now on?


Image via Heartbreaker Official/YouTube

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