Alexander Skarsgard's Ex-Girlfriend Kate Bosworth Marries the Guy She Dumped Him For

kate bosworth michael polishRemember when Alexander Skarsgard was not the world's most eligible bachelor and was involved in a two-year relationship with actress Kate Bosworth? Yeah, we've tried to forget that era, too. But it wasn't that long ago that Bosworth reportedly dumped Skarsgard for director Michael Polish ... and just yesterday, Bosworth and Polish made it official and got hitched at this really cool ranch house in Montana.


Aww, sorry Alex. But you are better off. Do you think Skarsgard was invited? Our guess is no. The ceremony was in front of close friends and family. Polish and Bosworth reportedly met on the set of the Big Sur, in the spring before she split with Skarsgard. Polish, who is 42, proposed to her a year later, and now they are married -- bam! These two move fast. That's not too shocking since Polish has said he knew he would marry Bosworth before they were even together.

He seems like a very mushy romantic type and it was probably his idea to hand out the Polaroid cameras and ask guests to post the photos on a board in the main lodge that said, "Love is ..."

Yeah ... that and the idea to have Bosworth arrive on the mountain top where the ceremony too place in a stage coach being pulled by two horses. She reportedly wore a strapless dress with her blond hair pulled back off her face, and a fully train.

Wow, sounds exactly like a classic Hollywood movie, doesn't it? Congrats to the lucky couple, it looks like breaking up with Skargard, even though it defied all the logic in the world, was the right call for us her!


Image via Splash News


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