'Sister Wives' Preview: The Browns (Maybe) Tell All! (VIDEO)

sister wivesLet's say you have about a billion questions regarding polygamy. Because, who doesn't, really? The logistics defy basic human comprehension: Scheduling sexytime, household responsibilities, finances ... where does it end? And who better to ask than ... The Sister Wives?? That's the premise behind tonight's episode, "Your Polygamy Questions Answered," in which Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn go in front of an audience to answer -- you guessed it -- your polygamy questions.


What fun!!! Oooh, what I wouldn't give for a seat in that studio audience. Of course, no guaranteeing that the Sister Wives did or would answer all the questions asked of them, but merely having the opportunity to drill those dames on their practicalities of plural marriage sounds pretty dang amazing!! I mean, what would you ask? What WOULDN'T you ask?? Now, this isn't the first time the Browns have done this sort of thing, but it could very well be the most interesting time, given the ever-escalating tensions between spouses. Check out this clip from a previous session of "Ask the Browns" to see what territory has already been covered:

And then tune in tonight!! But first, tell us ...

What would you ask the Sister Wives?

Image via TLC

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