Miley Cyrus' Naughty Antics Are Nothing New: 5 Female Pop Stars Who Did ‘Bad Girl’ Better (VIDEOS)

miley cyrusYou know what they say: Nothing's shocking! And yes, that goes for Miley Cyrus and her tongue-waggling, butt-wiggling antics. (Even the furries thing is totally been there, done that.) Sure, there's that momentary jaw-dropping thing that happens when you see somebody like the former Hannah Montana parade around on stage like some crackhead with a lizard tongue using a super fan foam finger as a sex toy, but the truth is, pop starlets (not just famous females, of course, but for our purposes let's stick to girl stuff) have been pulling out the shock value stops for decades, and most have done a much better job than Miley. Take, for example, the most infamous moments of these 5 attention-seeking celebs


First up? Madonna, obvs! When the Material Girl performed "Like a Virgin" at the 1984 VMAs, parents the world over gasped in horror -- but they still bought their starstruck little girls those awesome fingerless lace gloves. Check it:

Now, who can forget Janet Jackson's "accidental" Superbowl Halftime Show nip slip?? Not Justin Timberlake!

Once upon a time, Christina Aguilera seemed like a nice Mouseketeer. Then THIS happened:

Two for the price of one: Britney Spears AND Rihanna, and a staged smooch:

That Lady Gaga! When all is said and done, she's a good egg ... ha. Seriously though, this was some crazy stuff:

See what I mean? Miley's just the latest link in a long-ass chain of ladies who like to get their freak on -- or at least like to ACT like they like to get their freak on, cause talk about publicity!!

Which of these moments was the most shocking to you?


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