20 Celebrity Smokers Who Will Probably Surprise You

Mary Hawkins | Aug 30, 2013 Celebrities
20 Celebrity Smokers Who Will Probably Surprise You

Kate WinsletUgh. Smoking. It's the worst. And I feel like sort of a hypocrite saying that since I puffed on a cigarette or two back in my college days, but now? I absolutely CAN'T stand it.

Cigarettes reek to high heaven. And they're dirty. And whenever I see a celebrity with a cancer stick in their hand, their level of attractiveness drops down a few levels and I wonder why in the heck they've adopted such a disgusting habit.

The identities of some A-list smokers will probably shock the hell out of you. I know I was surprised to see moms and other well known stars getting their nicotine fix.

Take a look at these photos to see 20 celebrity smokers you probably never expected.

Note -- not all of the pics are from this year, so there's a chance some of these folks have quit smoking since they were taken. (Let's hope so.)

Image via Pacific Coast News

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