Clint Eastwood & Dina Eastwood Announce Split After 17 Years

clint eastwood, dina eastwoodDina Eastwood and husband Clint Eastwood are splitting up after 17 years of marriage. Dina announced the split, admitting that the couple has been living separately for some time and have decided to call it quits. It's sad, obviously, because they have been together for ages and have a daughter (Morgan), but it's not entirely surprising.

After all, during his tenure on this earth, Clint has been exceptionally fond of the ladies. While it was only his second marriage, the dude's got seven kids with five different ladies. I'm not saying he got around -- but he totally got around! Also, the duo had a pretty impressive age difference of 35 years. Add to that Dina's recent hospitalization for anxiety and depression and it's clear something's been up for a while. 


It definitely makes you wonder what's in the water, coming as quickly as it does after reports about Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones's separation. I mean, if these tried and true relationships in Hollywood can't last, is there really any hope for all those bright-eyed and bushy-tailed celebrity newlyweds?

Still, this split is a little less surprising. Personally? I would have been out of there the instant my life-mate began addressing empty chairs. It's probably even LESS shocking if you made a habit of watching Bravo's Mrs. Eastwood & Company. I'm not saying you saw Clint and Dina bickering. But the woman had an ENTIRE SOUTH AFRICAN BOY BAND living in her house! Sure, we've all been lonely enough to desire the presence of, say, 'NYSNC at our beck and call 24-7. It's just a few of us lack the financial backing to make our desperate dreams a reality. 

Were you surprised to hear about Clint and Dina's split? 

Image via Pacific Coast News

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