Robin Thicke's Hand Grab of Pretty Fan's Behind May Get Him Into More Trouble Than Miley Cyrus

Robin ThickeRobin Thicke is sure pushing it with his wife, Paula Patton, lately. First there was the controversial video for "Blurred Lines" that had three naked models gyrating around Robin. Paula claimed she didn't mind that. Then Miley Cyrus spent most of her VMAs performance grinding on Robin and twerking into his groin. Paula said she was fine with that too. But now photographic evidence of Robin with his hand directly up the butt of a young blonde fan found its way online. Wonder if Paula will be cool with that too?


A young woman, whom the Daily Mail identifies as New York University student Lana Scolaro, posted a pic of her with the married R&B singer at what is apparently a VMAs after-party. In the mirror behind them, you can see what appears to be Robin's hand getting a squeeze on the girl's ass.

Whoops! Damn those reflections!

Someone then took the photo and tweeted it directly to Paula on Twitter, saying, "Look at the reflection girl."

For whatever reason, people are in such denial that Robin Thicke could be grabbing some young girl's ass that all sorts of conspiracy theories are beginning to crop up about "handgate."

E News! seems to think that Robin's hand is near her ass, but not on it, and terms this a "magic eye effect." Wow, and I thought "gaslighting" was bad. Now you have "magic eye effecting." Robin: "Honey, my hand wasn't on her ass. It was on YOURS. How could you be so paranoid? Didn't you know that when my hand was on your ass it would appear, through the optical illusion of the magic eye lens, to be on some random chick's ass instead?! Seriously, honey. Did you not take science?!"

Perez Hilton hopes that the pic was Photoshopped. He wails:

P also stands for Photoshop -- the trickster tool we hope is behind such dirty behavior as depicted in the photo above!!

Yes, I'm sure Robin will use that one too. "Honey, honey. Have you not heard of Photoshop? This is all just a mass conspiracy. I'm pretty sure Miley Cyrus is behind it. Get it? Behind it? I can't make jokes now? Okay, I'm going to the couch."

Hey, folks, here's a thought. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably Robin Thicke with his hand on some chick's ass.

Do you think Robin has his hand on her ass? Or are you also in denial, you poor thing, you?

Image via Lana Scolaro/Instagram

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